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Ashley "Auntie" mattison  & Neferkare "nef" Walker

Ashley Mattison is a serial entrepreneur who's love for the youth and her community derived from her upbringing in the Metro Detroit Area. Growing up in metro Detroit, she is a proud product of the Detroit Police Athletic League, where she obtained her primary skillset in cheer and her love for sports! She knew that she was destined to aide in the growth and development of the youth because she was passionate about giving back, what was given to her! She believes that children are our future and if we do not equip them with the proper tools to be successful, then we will ultimately fail them. Ashley is affectionately known by, Auntie, by the hundreds of youth athletes she has coached over the years. It is her goal to always be present in their lives and ensure that they know that they are loved and needed to make this world a better place. Dozens of her athletes have been side by side with her through initiatives started by our Foundation as volunteers and donors. "We started this business because we are passionate about what we do and how these young girls and boys will value themselves and their futures. If we never get one share, one donor, or one helping hand, we know that we have done our part to ensure that these kids see light at the end of the tunnel". Ashley is grateful for the support of her new venture and prays that it continues!


Neferkare Walker


is a dedicated mother of one, flight attendant, and business owner.  "Opportunities of traveling abroad has created many resources & awakened a sense of urgency to become more involved in my own community." Quoted By Ms. Walker; uplifting people has always been one of Ms. Walkers greater qualities. This Passion has allowed for her to use creativity and ingenuity, in the goal to advocate for the less fortunate. Having two very influential women who were both successful in their career fields molded Ms. Walker for a path of success. As a proud Detroit native Ms. Walker has cultivated ideas that will aim at reaching all who are underprivileged and in need of housing. Being deeply motivated by the endless possibilities that our youth has for our future. She's thankful to have this platform to help create limitless opportunities for our community !

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